The Snowflake Night Shelter


This facility, provided by a group of local Communities cooperating together, offers supervised overnight accommodation, an evening meal and a light breakfast to local homeless and vulnerable people who would otherwise be rough sleeping during the extreme winter months on the streets of Hastings and St Leonards.


Homeless persons are referred to the Snowflake Night Shelter primarily by the Homeless Outreach Worker of the Seaview Project; other referral agencies include (but are not restricted to) the local Christian Communities, Police and the St John Ambulance Homeless Service.    Applicants are interviewed in the Snowflake Project office within the Seaview Centre in Hatherley Road St Leonards.   This is to establish that they are legitimately homeless and to have the night shelter rules explained.

We regret were not be able to accept applicants who turn up at any of the venues who have not been accredited via the Project Office.

The Snowflake Night Shelters provide a warm, safe and friendly environment between the hours of 7pm (Doors open) and 8:30am (Guests depart) in winter months.   This involves mealtimes and a period of time where volunteers interact with the Guests during the evening. We engage in a variety of activities, including games, dvds, quizes, singing and discussions. You may have a suggestion/idea to offer - please use the 'Contact Us' facility.

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