Pray For the Snowflake Night Shelter

The Snowflake Prayer for the Homeless:

Jesus, help us to see your face in the eyes of every homeless person;

keep them safe from physical and emotional harm;

give them hope for a better future

by the respect, kindness and love shown to them. Amen.

Offering shelter, companionship and food demonstrates our love and compassion to local homeless people in the most practical way possible, over three of the coldest months of the year.

Please pray for those whom we serve and for the helpers who will be giving their time, resources and energy.

Please also pray:

1 That the Peace of God will be present in all that we do.

2 For the core needs of the project (transporting all the beds and bedding from church to church etc is a lot of work for the team).

3 For those who already work on the front lines of homeless issues. Food and a sympathetic ear are key to what they are doing and their work points people towards the night shelter.

4 For more volunteers to serve in the project. Many blessings come from serving, but it can also be a stretching and challenging time. Ask God to give them extra strength, patience, Words of Wisdom and Knowledge, and compassionate hearts for those in need.

5 For our Guests and ask God to bless them. Pray that they are given new hope as they take shelter in the venues of the local Christian communities and be revitalised spiritually and mentally.

6 That longer term housing solutions may be found for our Guests.