Snowflake Update January 2018

We are now more than 5 weeks into this winter's shelter, and so it is appropriate to let everyone know about how the project has been going. In summary, we have had more Guests register than this time last year, they are younger, there are more ladies, and there are more disparate needs than we have seen in previous winters:

We have registered 36 separate individuals ranging in age from 18 to 59 years.

The highest number of Guests we have welcomed to the shelter is 18, and the average number is just  over 14

One Guest is ex armed forces, and we have accommodated up to 6 ladies

We are delighted to report that 6 Guests have moved on to suitable accommodation including with the YMCA and into supported living accommodation.

We currently have 205 active volunteers and 7 employed members of staff, to all of whom much appreciation is due. There have been the inevitable teething problems which we are endeavouring to address, and there have been difficulties in allocating volunteers in line with both their individual availability and the shelter's needs. Many volunteers this winter wish to work only once a month rather than more frequently as in the past, but we have managed to maintain the service, and grateful thanks are due to everyone concerned, especially those who have responded to our urgent phone calls when illness or other issues have upset the usual shift allocation arrangements.


Further reports will be issued later in the winter.


This message was added on 2018-01-11